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Enjoy Elba and The Tuscan Archipelago is carrying forward the experience of Enjoy Elba, including the other six pearls of the Tyrrhenian Sea: Capraia, Gorgona, Giglio, Giannutri, Montecristo and Pianosa. The magazine started as a dream, a desire to recount and reveal this unique, beautiful land where history, the landscape, the people, the products of the earth and of the sea are and always have been generous.
The Tuscan Islands are full of delights, from every point of view: we are happy to accompany you on this journey to discover ancient lands, through the tastes, the authenticity, the emotions, the uncontaminated environment, the biodiversity, the well-being, the artistic and cultural impressions.
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We are the first magazine to focus on the Islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, the seven pearls, each one equally rich even if different, treasure chests of history, culture, landscapes and beauty, the crossroads of sea routes from ancient times, the meeting point for Mediterranean peoples.

There are several ways to travel with us. The paper form of the magazine can be requested from bookshops and newsagents or bought in online bookstores or on elbaspiagge.it. The cost is 5 Euros plus delivery charges in the case of having it sent.

ISBN: 978-88-946-156-1-6

To imagine your journey, you can browse through the online version where we have opened a new item dedicated to traditional recipes, “Fornelli e Fantasia”(Cooking and Fantasy). Find us also on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

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Presentation of the 2021 edition

This is the fourth consecutive year of Enjoy Elba and the Tuscan Archipelago, with new gaphics

It started in 2018, first of all talking about Elba and later including the whole Archipelago, it distinguishes itself for the extensive, articulated reports on themes like culture, art, the environment, lifestyle, sport, food and wine traditions, enriching itself with new topics and contents, drawing on the rich cultural heritage of the Tuscan Islands, made up of material and intangible values.

Aimed at tourists but also at the inhabitants of the Archipelago themselves, as the main ambassadors and storytellers of their land, it stimulates the reader and offers them snippets of knowledge that deserve further investigation for those who would like to know, to discover or to rediscover Elba, Giglio, Pianosa, Capraia, Gorgona, Giannutri and Montecristo. The seven islands have tales to tell, having always been at the centre of cultural and commercial exchanges in the Mediterranean: a treasure trove of biodiversity, beauty, landscapes, knowledge, civilization, products of arts and crafts, agricultural production and traditional dishes.

Only the islands can represent the land where Nature’s generosity needs constant loving care to provide sustenance and well-being as well as wealth. The director, Patrizia Lupi explains: “The Islands represent places that are both arrivals and departure points, separate but united to the mainland by the sea, beautiful but fragile, as rich as they are rugged. From them a message of hope can come, rebirth and resilience, the same as the character of the islanders. If it is so that they represent the ideal place for a ‘new’ sentimental and sustainable tourism based on contact with nature and cultural enrichment, it is also true that, for those who choose them as a temporary destination or for a longer stay, they are places that can guarantee beauty, quality of life and well-being all the year round.”

The magazine can be read by opening at any random page, moving forwards or backwards, according to how you feel at the moment. Each person will follow their own route, their own journey, real or imaginary, through the variety of ideas it suggests. Each reader must find his own words, his own emotions, letting his imagination guide him through his curiosity, the desire to discover an incredibly rich and stimulating microcosm.

Experts from various fields, scholars, artists, photographers, partners and business men have all contributed towards this new edition, representing the wide and competent community of the seven pearls of the Tyrrhenian sea. The 64 authors and 42 photographers along with the many followers, all have in common the desire to promote the Island of Elba and the Archipelago by telling about its delights, showing its beauty, sharing a project for the future that indicates sustainable development from a social, cultural, economic and environmental point of view.Patrizia Lupi, the director explains: “ We believe that that change, even a cultural one, can come, giving new elements and incentives for a project for the future, able to create together healthy forces, starting with the young people, to build a close-knit, solid community that has the same objectives to protect but also to help the Tuscan Islands to grow.”


Founders and Editors

Roberto Marchetti

Roberto Marchetti


Everyone has a dream to fulfill, often closed away in a drawer or deliberately forgotten due to lack of time. Mine dates back to 1990 when, young and inexperienced, I believed that I could impose quality and excellence everywhere on the territory. Many years have passed, thousands of uncorked bottles, many errors and sins of presumption, but also many certainties and important experiences. The right time has come, the drawer of memories has reopened, the dream has taken shape and Enjoy Elba has been created.

Patrizia Lupi


Elban enough to recognize myself in the steep, rugged landscapes of the Island but Livornese enough and curious to discover different people and places, Islander enough to search everywhere for clear sea horizons, I wanted to give back what elsewhere had taught me, back to the Rock. Journalist and Communication and Marketing expert, business executive, on the Island, I found unexplored places coloured with wonder, tenacious, talented people, able to look beyond and to test themselves, memories confirmed by old photographs or legends, the history of my family that I recognize in the faces I meet. I live a good part of the year on Elba where I take part in the social and cultural life of the Island, sharing my love for this land of the sea and its neighbouring sisters, these treasures of beauty, with both Elbans and visitors.

Patrizia Lupi
Federico Massimo Ceschin

Federico Massimo Ceschin


I am an avid reader, a reflective thinker and an eternal traveller. As a consequence, a writer. A publisher for passion with the publishing house Mobility Books of the Simtur - an Association of professionals in sustainable tourism. I was born in Venice and am a public manager with over 25 years of experience in many regions of Italy and in Europe. I deal with the enhancement of cultural and environmental heritage, not only as essential factors of our national heritage but as strategic resources for ecological change and sustainable development. I defined this as "Beauty Economy" in 2015, receiving national and international awards and recognition. Places, people and cultural diversity fascinate me and I cannot stop writing about them. To narrate, but also to transfer skills and experiences to the Italians of today and of tomorrow.

Franco De Simone


Owner of “Infoelba”: the company, made up of experts in the IT and communication sector is able to provide a wide range of services, from the creation of dynamic, modern, multilingual web portals, to the development of apps for smartphones and tablets.

Franco De Simone
Paolo Calcara

©Alessandro Beneforti
Phoft Studio - www.benefortiphoto.net

Paolo Calcara


Born in Sicily in the mid-sixties and despite having had a camera as a present when I was 16, it has only really been a decade since I approached the magical world of photography. I attended various photographic courses, taking part in Workshops including one directed by the photographer Sara Munari. I have collaborated in the creation of collective and personal photographic exhibitions dealing with delicate social issues such as violence against women and the problem of cancer. From this passion of mine and following a photographic project of mine, the “Diversamente Sani” association was formed, which later became an ONLUS (non-profit organization) with which I constantly collaborate, making video and photographic projects. Photography requires technical know-how of the equipment, however, I do believe that there are not many who are able to tell and convey emotions through photographic language.

Antonella Avanteo


After my art studies, I was an antique dealer and interior designer. By profession I am an artist, painter and ceramist. Esthete by birth and culture, I love everything that is beautiful, I adore the islands and the sea and could not help falling in love with Elba, this pearl of the Mediterranean where the local flora enchants us with its perfumes, the light creates a play of colours, the light and shadow that seem to come from Renoir’s brush, golden or silver glimmers on the sea and it changes with every glance, every season, from hour to hour where nothing remains the same and seems to say “reveal my spirit if you can”; but with a mermaid, you can only fall in love with her.

Antonella Avanteo
Alessandro Talini

Alessandro Talini


The passion for words was born before the paths of life took me to other roads, always in contact with the world. Having grown up in the editorial staff of some maritime magazines, a professional field that I love and where I currently work, today I dedicate myself to journalism out of curiosity and the desire to always discover something new, to enrich my personal knowledge. Writing about Elba, where I spent my childhood, gives me back something of my roots and looking at the islands from the Livorno coast makes me feel at home: a small universe within reach.

Maria Giusi Canova


I call myself, with a shade of irony, a “pragmatic amateur photographer”, because photographers are those who make a profession of this art. Elba has been my home now for many years. I began exploring it with my camera, with canvases and brushes to fix its beauty. The colours of the rocks and the landscapes, the richness of the sea and the flora, the different worlds that live alongside each other in the islands of the Archipelago are my inspiration. Along with a group of friends who love the Island, we strive to catch its essence through artistic expression by organizing workshops and collective exhibitions.

Maria Giusi Canova
Patricia Finlayson

Pat Finlyson


A proud Scot, born in Edinburgh, married to an Italian, two fantastic children and have lived on this beautiful island of Elba for 45 years. I have spent many years teaching and examining students of English all over Tuscany. I have often been asked to translate articles and have enjoyed this challenge. My love for languages and love for this wonderful island have been brought together in this, my latest adventure. Enjoy Elba and the Tuscan Archipelago!

Andrea Amato


I have always lived on Elba, happy to have landed on this rock when only a few months old, learning to love its ever-changing landscapes, its nature full of surprises, scents that change with the seasons. Simply by searching for its most hidden corners, by sea and by land, I have learned to see it with new eyes, giving due importance to details, shades, the play of light, the movement of the wind on the waves or among the trees. The sea with its underwater life takes on a particular charm, like a world to be unveiled. From here it was a short step to photography. I discovered this art only a year ago and through images, I try to describe my emotions, to arouse them in the person viewing, because he too, like me, can learn to love these islands and to respect their beauty.

Andrea Amato
Daniele Fiaschi

Daniele Fiaschi


As an Elban by birth, I have always been passionate about the world of cinema and photography. I have been a freelance filmmaker for two years, mainly dealing with commercials and promotional videos for the Associate Management of Tourism and the Elban Hoteliers Association. I have more than fifteen thousand followers on my Instagram profile and with it have always helped to promote this little paradise. It is an honour for me to have contributed this year to the photographic part of the Enjoy Elba and the Tuscan Archipelago magazine.

Roberto Signorini


My love for Elba, for sport and for photography are the driving force behind by desire to discover every corner of the Island as soon as I have some free time. For twenty years now, both on foot and by bike, I always have my camera just a click away. As a second level MTB instructor for the Italian Mountain Bike Association, my CAI card, I love walking and hiking, I organize events, excursions, outdoor activities all in the name of health and well-being, living the beauty of the landscapes that change colour according to the seasons. I collaborate with some magazines, sharing my shots and I love to create films and video documents that I publish on the main social networks to add value to this unique, fascinating land.

Roberto Signorini

Collaborators and Photographers


Elvira Arnaldi, Antonella Avataneo, Michele Barsotti, Maria Gabriella Bassani, Giuseppe Battaglini, Chiara Benedettini, Stefano Bramanti, Beniamino Brogi, Maurizio Burlando, Sabrina Busato, Sebastiana Catta, Maria Gisella Catuogno, Federico Massimo Ceschin, Aurora Ciardelli, Giulio Colombo, Franco De Simone , George Edelman, Stefano Feri, Silvestre Ferruzzi, Leonardo Forbicioni, Annie Francisca, Maria Frangioni, Diletta Frescobaldi, Matteo Galeazzi, Rossana Galletti, Paolo Gasparri, Gian Mario Gentini, Giorgio Giusti, Luca Giusti, Giovanna Lo Giacco, Simone Innocenti, Ilaria Leonelli, Andrea Lunghi, Amerigo Lupi, Antonio Lupi, Patrizia Lupi, Cecilia Luzzetti, Antonello Marchese, Leonardo Marras, Umberto Mazzantini, Cosimo Michelotti, Manrico Murzi, Antonio Musarra, Laura Pagliantini, Noemi Paolini Giachery, Patrizia Pellegrini, Leonardo Preziosi, Antonella Querci, Luciano Regoli, Graziano Rinaldi, Andrea Rossi, Giampiero Sammuri, Domenica Sardi, Marisa Sardi, Massimo Scelza, Roberto Signorini, Palma Silvestri, Alessandro Talini, Giuseppe Tanelli, Marco Tenucci, Toscana Promozione Turistica, Gianfranco Vanagolli, Vetrina Toscana.


Andrea Amato, Daniele Anichini, Archivio Artescienza, Adriano Bacchella, Marco Barretta, Paolo Calcara, Maria Giusi Canova, Flavio Capranica, Emanuela Cavallin, Michele Cervellino, Aurora Ciardelli, Mirko Conforti, Marco Costa, Giovanni De Luca, Stefano Feri, Daniele Fiaschi, Angela Giusti, Fabio Guidi, Andrea Lunghj, Patrizia Lupi, Cecilia Luzzetti, Antonello Marchese, Museo dei Minerali dell’Elba – Rio, Nena&Tony Fotografi, Maura Paolini, Patrizia Pellegrini, Valerie Pizzera, RobertoRidi/PNAT, Studio Foto Ridi, Tanya Scotto D’Aniello, Palma Silvestri, Margherita Siviero, Marco Tenucci, Toscana Promozione Turistica, Vetrina Toscana.

Cover photo: Daniele Fiaschi


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